Red-green eyesight affects about 8-9% of all men and about 0.5-0.8% of women in Western countries. The visual impairment is practically not noticeable in everyday life and the affected become for the first time with the consideration faced with the Ishihara tablets.

Do I see it?
What do I see?
How do I see it?


The hows and whys. The wherefores and therefores. Our driving force comes from the intuitive perception of each individual and their purposeful involvement with subject matter and content. This is why we always understand and evaluate visual and verbal communication – and design – in the context provided by the client and the target groups concerned.

– Questioning
– Searching and researching
– Cause and effect

Fundamentally, a design studio is always in the process of development. With a questioning attitude towards the occupational profile and the constant changes associated with it, new creative solutions are continuously generated and refined. In accordance with the motto ‘TRY EVERYTHING’, the studio has developed its expertise in a very wide range of design activities.

– Entice
– Surprise
– Provoke

Giving projects body and space. Giving them their own surprising identity and instigating linearly progressive, creative design. Always in the context provided by the client (transmitter) and the end-customer (receiver).

– Corporate design
– Graphic design
– Illustration
– Packaging
– Product design
– Photography
– Film
– Multimedia design
– Internet
– Scenography and exhibitions

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